Indian Veteran Premier League 2024: New Dates Unveiled for a Cricketing Extravaganza

The Indian Veteran Premier League (IVPL) is set to redefine the landscape of cricket for veterans, making headlines with its revolutionary approach. In a recent meeting held on December 10, 2023, at the VVIP-CMD Conference Room, Raj Nagar Extension Office, the league’s Acting President of BVCI and Chairman of IVPL, Mr. Praveen Tyagi, along with key members, charted out a compelling roadmap for the inaugural season.

Initially slated for December, the league has undergone a strategic shift. The decision to postpone the event until February 2024 stems from a desire to secure a dedicated cricketing window, endorsed by the Board for Veteran Cricketers in India. This move reflects the league’s commitment to providing a unique platform for veteran cricketers in the country.

The meeting, a monumental gathering with all six franchise representatives, was a testament to the visionary leadership of Shri Praveen Tyagi. His insights and clear communication dispelled doubts, instilling confidence among franchisees, setting the stage for what promises to be one of India’s biggest cricketing extravaganzas after the IPL.

To execute the first installation of the Indian Veteran Premier League, it will take many hands and many hands of support all of which are vital and have equal importance. This is why the acting president of the BVCI, Shri Praveen Tyagi needs and he’s getting wonderful support from other members and equally important figures of the BVCI, one of which  includes Shri Ravindra Tyagi, Vice-President, BVCI and President, UP Veteran Cricket Association.

Key outcomes of the meeting include:

Name Change: The league has undergone a name change, shifting from Bharat Veteran Premier League to Indian Veteran Premier League-2023.

Revised Dates: The league is now scheduled to take place from February 23 to March 3, 2024, in Dehradun, at the Rajeev Gandhi International Cricket Stadium.

Broadcasting Partnerships: EURO Sports and DD Sports have been announced as the official channels broadcasting IVPL, ensuring a wide viewership across India and the Asian subcontinent.

OTT Partnership: FANCODE has been appointed as the official OTT partner for the league, providing digital streaming services to fans.

Player Additions and Changes: Franchisees have the opportunity to add one additional iconic player to their teams, with the cost borne by the franchisees themselves. The list of players will be provided by the Board, allowing for some flexibility. Additionally, franchisees can change up to two players from their current teams, provided the replacements are iconic players aged 35 and above or veteran players aged 40 and above.

Press Conference: 100 Sports is set to conduct a press conference at the Delhi Press Club to unveil the details and schedule of IVPL. The exact dates for this event will be shared soon.

As the Indian Veteran Premier League-2024 prepares to unfold its cricketing saga, these developments mark a new chapter in the history of veteran cricket in India, promising excitement, competition, and a celebration of the nation’s cricketing legends. Stay tuned for the grand spectacle that awaits cricket enthusiasts across the country.